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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 13, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> right off the top tonight, criminals caught on camera. motorcycles snatched just days apart. tonight, we are watching a group of thieves in action. flashing lights, speeding police cruisers.
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tonight, actor charlie sheen's vip treatment is getting the green light. prescribing medications for diseases that some say don't even exist. we begin tonight with the vanishing bikes. good evening, everyone, i'm laura evans in for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. surveillance tape proves it and it only takes these guys minutes to rip off motorcycles worth thousands. bob barnard starts us off in the newsroom tonight, bob. >> they're a brazen band of thieves stealing two motorcycles in the past six days from the same alexandria parking garage. one of the victims is no stranger to this kind of thing. he's an it guy for the defense department and now lynnwood creekmore is a two-time victim of motorcycle thieves. last friday night, his prized possession, this year-old $10,000 sport honda motorcycle was stolen from this parking garage underneath his alexandria
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condo. >> and within a span of 20 or 30 seconds, three criminals are able to load a 400-pound bike into the back of a minivan and take off without a trace. >> the crime was caught on camera, this surveillance video showing us the stolen minivan with three men inside scouting their next target. seconds later, they found it. >> got out of the car, opening up the back and the other one is going over to drag -- he's lifting up the front wheel and dragging it. they're not concerned with how it lands, scratching it up or anything like that. they're only concerned about getting it in the vehicle and getting gone before someone gets back. like i said, in the span of two minutes, 400-pound $10,000 bike gone. >> police say high-rise apartment garages are prime targets. the bandits, not after so-called cruisers. last summer, we told you about thieves caught on camera stealing three sport bikes at the same time from a parking garage in falls church. they even brought their own
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helmet. >> there are more than one team or crew working together. it's not uncommon to have two or three individuals to go out working in concert doing this together. >> not in it for the joy ride. >> typically, they're being disassembled or resold or "chopped". >> that's not what happened to lynnwood's other motorcycle. >> this is a bike stolen last july when i was living in the laurel maryland. >> he got it back just six weeks ago and now his replacement motorcycle has been stolen. >> they might not have the money but they have the means. >> and they're still out there perhaps looking for their next target. their most recent caper, early this morning, back at lynnwood creekmore's condo garage. he says thieves stole one of his neighbor's motorcycles, not stuffing it into a van but hopping on and riding off, shawn. >> got to be frustrating for them. what do you do if you're a motorcycle owner who keeps your bike in one of these parking garages, what can you do, bob? >> the best insurance is a lock
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and chain we're told and something unmovable to tether it to. >> good advice, bob barnard, thank you. new tonight, remember when charlie sheen tweeted while riding behind a police escort to a show in dc? this picture started a fire storm among dc police and city leaders. the chief of police said the escort violated protocol but tonight, a new report shows the officers involved with the escort acted within department rules. matt ackland is in the newsroom on this one. >> look at this thick report from the dc inspector general's office. after a complete review, the office says escorts are routine and accepted practices within the dc police department, but that conflicts with statements made by dc police chief kathy lanier. it was this picture that got so much attention. actor charlie sheen on his way to a concert in dc tweeted he was in a car with police escorts in the front and rear, driving like someone's about to deliver
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a baby. the speedo meter shows the car moving close to 80 miles an hour. chief lanier said before this celebrity escort broke policy. >> there are limited circumstances where we do police escorts. those circumstances are based on security need and there are protocols to be followed when we do escorts. >> following the controversy, council member phil mendleson called chief lanier and the officers involved to city hall to testify about it all. he said it became clear to him the escort policy was confusing. >> there is a general order. it dates way back. most people were unaware of it or were confused about it. >> the respect by the inspector general's office called escorts routine, but chief lanier responded to that report with a written statement wednesday saying the report does not focus on celebrity escorts but covers sports teams and others that were routinely approved for
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legitimate public safety reasons. the inspector general's office also included 11 recommendations for future escorts. >> i think it's time we move on from this. >> the council member has also asked the chief to clarify her escort policy. >> i do believe the rules need to be made more clear, and the chief promised to do so. >> all right. two officers involved in that escort were transferred out of the special operations division by the chief. the chief has said before that it was not related to the escort issue. by the way, the recommendations issued today focused on clarifying the escort policy, notifying other jurisdictions when there is an escort outside the district as well as making sure all nondignitaries who request an escort sign a contract and pay up, laura. >> matt ackland, thank you. looks like dc's bag tax which became law recently has been a success so far. it charges a 5 cent tax for every bag a customer uses. a survey by an environmental
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group says they have seen no difference in their business or have seen an improvement, while 12% saw a negative effect. bag use is down 80% and the city has made $2 million from the tax that helps clean up the anaccostia river. what a busy afternoon for the fox 5 storm force. the storms moved through the area earlier this afternoon. in fact, the rain came down so fast and furious at times that a number of roads were flooded. thank goodness we're getting a little break from the intense heat but the humidity still seems to hang around down there. sue palka is at the weather center with a look at what's going on down there right now and the rest of the night. is the rain out of here? >> it's way down to the south. you may be able to see it behind me in the weather center. the storms are way into southern virginia and are getting ready to leave the area. what hasn't left is the humidity. it's still a bit humid and i want to show you why it's
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lingering a little bit longer. the frontal system is not quite in our region. the little yellow numbers are actually dew points, so when it's near 70 or above it like it is from most of dc on south, it's humid. but then you get to frederick, the dew point drops to 63. that's comfortable. hagerstown's dew point is 64. that's fantastic. it will eventually trickle in everywhere. check out temperatures right now, because we have seen it drop considerably, but it's been stuck at 78 for a number of hours. that will get better as the less humid air pushes in overnight and the front sivrngs farther to the south, we'll see that pushing out of here and believe it or not, there are parts of our areas tonight that could even see temperatures in the upper 50s, and tomorrow looks very refreshing too as high pressure builds in. we're talking about more than tomorrow. we're talking about the trend for the weekend and whether or not there are any more thunderstorms on our forecast. i'll have that for you a bit later, laura. >> thanks, sue. prince georges county police are trying to figure out what's behind a fatal shooting in a
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bowie home off livingstone and devor drive. wisdom martin is live with the latest. what have you been able to find out? >> it's been a busy day in this community for the residents as well as police who have been here going door to door, talk abouting to neighbors and people in this community trying to get to the bottom of this, trying to figure out what could have triggered this fatal shooting in a seemingly quiet neighborhood. police continued to search for clues in a murder-mystery in the woodward north subdivision. >> i started to go to the mail box because it's in front of our mail box and i changed my mind and said i'd go back later. and before you know it, you know, we were just inundated with police cars and forensic trucks and people knocking on the doors. >> reporter: investigators say just before 1:00, they got a call about shots being fired at the house. when they got here, they found a man dead inside. >> at this point, two persons of interest are being questioned by
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police. we can say this is not a random act of violence. it appears the victim was targeted. >> reporter: but why he was targeted is what police are trying to figure out. >> it's a little unsettling. i think that's the best way to describe it because it's a very quiet neighborhood. we rarely have any issues. >> reporter: cory and tora pierce have lived in the neighborhood six years. they were at home watching a movie when all of this was going on. >> it's like wow, what's going on. i had no idea what happened. i saw the helicopter earlier but i didn't make the connection that anything was going on. >> reporter: like some of the other neighbors we talked to, they said they saw the victim and his wife out and about in the neighborhood but didn't know them that well. >> i talked to the lady that lives in that house a bit, because we need to -- you know, when i walk around there, we meet and talk about the grass and, you know, she's really a nice lady. >> it strikes me as strange, because he was a very quiet person. my wife would see him out running. we didn't have a lot of intraksz with him so they're saying that he seemed to have been targeted is what i saw and heard from the
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police earlier, that he had been targeted and it's hard for me to imagine anything that he would have been involved in. i just can't think of anything right offhand. >> reporter: now, at this hour, police are still here on the scene investigating. you can see behind me, there are a couple of vans and police cars on the scene after several hours. at this point, they still don't have a motive for this shooting. back to you. >> we will get some answers soon. wisdom martin, thank you. a virginia man is behind bars tonight accused of sexual assaulting two women at an unemployment agency. 72-year-old chun sic lee works at the world employment agency in anadale. in two separate incidents, jobless women who went there looking for help says he forced them to watch pornography and sexual assaulted them. police believe there may be other victims who haven't gone forward yet. he's being held now without bond on two counts of attempted forceable sodomy. riders have plenty of complaints about metro these days. get ready to add one more.
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entire stations shut down for days. why metro says you should be happy about this one. you see them all the time, ads for diseases you didn't even know existed. tonight, one doctor is warning are the drugs used to treat them could be a prescription for danger. and at 11:00, a news edge investigation, tens of millions of tax dollars handed over to chrysler. you have to see what they found some of the employees doing in the middle of the day. 
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>> fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight. if you ride the rails, get ready for major headaches out there. starting next month, the transit agency will shut down stations sometimes several at a time for repairs. sherri ly explains why the work means it will be finished even faster. >> reporter: trains silenced at four metro rail stations for an entire weekend august 6 and 7. twin brook, white brent, groveener and medical center.
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and that's just the beginning. >> people have to get to places on the weekend so if it's going to shut down this whole line of the red line. >> reporter: sounds like metro's stopping it. >> we really need to bring our metro system up to snuff, and run it in such a way that the passengers are not upset all the time. >> reporter: closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allows it to get work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track the stations andteners and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track circuit replacement. >> reporter: unlike with single tracking, which causes delays from one end of the line to the other, only the closed stations will be affected. riders will have the option of taking local bus service, metro bus or free shuttles that will operate between the closed stations. but even on weekends, you'll have to deal with traffic. >> i think with shuttles, they'll just be unreliable and difficult because so many people
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go from rockville into dc to go out. >> reporter: it's a no-win situation. single tracking or closed stations, either one results in disruptions and delays. >> people are going to feel inconvenienced and voice that, you know, on the weekends they're inconvenienced. we know that. >> reporter: on the red line, the closures will allow metro to complete necessary upgrades within a year, 18 months earlier than scheduled, but riders remain skeptical metro will stick to its word. >> they've made a lot of promises. for instance i work in soggy bottom. they said it would be done may 2011. and i kid you not, the escalator opened last monday, in july. >> reporter: if you think these four stations are tough, in august, metro will have five stations closed. sherri ly, fox 5 news. we invite you to help us monitor metro. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, send an e-mail, picture or video sending it to fox 5 metro @
10:18 pm one day after the city council shake up, some council members are talking about what led to these changes. tommie wells of ward six took the biggest hit being knocked off the transportation committee. all of the colleagues voted to go along with the chair. karen gray houston went out to find out more. >> reporter: kwame brown didn't want to talk to us about the shake-up. for him, business today was usual, maybe even better than usual. former dc delegate walter sanjoy stopped by for a hearing on designating a new street, martin luther king jr., drive. >> martin luther king, jr., has affected my political philosophy. >> reporter: but down stairs, evidence that brown meant business, the sign that said tommy wells is chairman of public works, already gone. >> what's important is about a progressive agenda going forward. >> reporter: tommy wells appeared at mayor gray's weekly
10:19 pm
press conference to give an update on the bag tax. >> i passed the bag bill without sharing the department -- you know, not having oversight as part of the environment, passed the overhead wire bill for street cars and moved that along. >> reporter: mayor gray was skiddish about addressing the chairman's motives in the reorganization. >> you know, i'm not going to get into that, don't you. >> reporter: but could it have been payback to wells, for leading the charge on ethics legislation after questions about brown's controversial suv leases and possible campaign violations. >> for that, you'd have to ask the chairman. i don't know why he went to the extremes that he did. >> the public has to realize that there is a dynamic within the council of people working together and trying to reach a consensus. >> reporter: murrial bowser who will head up government operations and represent dc on the metro board says it's wrong to put down her appointment. >> for the past few years i've
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represented the regional transportation planning board and this year i chair that board. >> reporter: mary chay now heads up wells' old committee and says people are misreading the chairman's motives. >> well, there had to be some restriction because vincent is newly created and there was no committee and one had to be created for him. and also because tommy lost his committee. >> she says the realignment just makes sense. in the district, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> wgop political analyst mark plotkin joins us. mark, thanks for being with us. karen brought this up in the story, whether or not this is revenge from kwame brown against tommy wells for wells leading the charge on ethics legislation after the questions about brown's suv leases and possible campaign violations. what do you think? is there a back story here? >> laura, this is clearly -- i'm from chicago originally. they say don't get angry. get even. this is political retaliation of
10:21 pm
the clearest and most transparent and frontal way. tommy wells investigated him. he wrote a report that was damaging, and kwame brown knew that the council would go along with him, even though he's under an enormous cloud by being under criminal investigation by the us attorney. and i tried to interview every council member i could today, just like karen did, and there's no profiles encouraged there on this council. they feel that they have to support the chairman. marion barry went so far as to say he's a terrific chairman. >> well, the council, we all know, is involved in these decisions obviously. if anyone had a problem with this, why didn't they raise the flag then? >> well, because -- >> why do they feel like they have to support him? >> because they feel that the same thing might happen to them, and the chairman has an important position, the office
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has important powers, and they can retaliate. jack evans got the boot the same way. marion barry got the boot from his committee. you would think some people would come up -- laura, they are not in love with each other. this is a very fractious body. you should see how they talk about each other when their cameras are not around or the tape recorders are not around, and more than anything, it reminds me of the fact that these guys remember all slights, real and imagined, and that's why no one came to the defense of tommy wells. >> dysfunctional family to say the least. before we let you go, i've got to get your reaction to the report saying that the officers involved in the charlie sheen escort did not violate department rules. what's your reaction? >> i'm totally utterly surprised. i listen to the report and watched matt's report and i covered -- or was aware of the
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chief's statements, and this seems to be a very murky policy, and i think the voters and the citizens of the district don't want any police escorts for anybody, dignitary or nondignitary. there's too much other stuff that they should be doing so i don't think this report will go down very well and i think chief lanier has some explaining to do. >> as always, mark, thank you. >> thank you. new york city's top cop calls it every parent's worst nightmare. an 8-year-old boy got lost on a short walk home and asked for help from the man police say would eventually be his killer. 
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>> a new york community is mourning the death of a missing 8-year-old boy tonight. parts of his dismembered body were found in a dumpster, and the freezer of a man suspected of killing him. leibby kletsky was buried
10:27 pm
tonight in keeping with jewish tradition. thousands of people turned out. >> reporter: police hauling away the dumpster where some of the remains of 8-year-old leibby kletsky were discovered. he vanished while walking home from a day camp monday afternoon. police saying the surveillance video showing the child on the way home led them to their suspect. >> leibby was in a 1990 brown honda accord, with levi aron who subsequently brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there and dismembered the body, according to statements that he made. >> reporter: new york city police commissioner ray kelly says when detectives arrived at aron's home, they asked him where the boy was. kelly says aron nodded toward the kitchen. that's when detectives saw blood on the freezer door. when they opened it inside, they found bloody knives, a cutting board and human feet. >> this was a horrendous crime. >> reporter: police and community volunteers have been looking for the boy since late
10:28 pm
monday afternoon, after he disappeared while on his way to meet his mother in the ortho dox jewish neighborhood of borough park. >> when tragedy strikes, everybody tries to do one of the things like get together, try to help each other, and lean on each other's shoulder. >> reporter: commissioner kelly says there's no indication the suspect knew the victim previously. they are now investigating whether aron has a history of mental illness. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. your doctors diagnoses you with a disease you never heard of and writes a prescription. you could be taking that medication for nothing. the fox 5 investigation that could be affecting every member of your family. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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to swallow. some are created to sell for the drugs you take. here's a fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: a quick search on youtube and you will see the commercials. >> over 10 million americans suffer, do you? >> reporter: warning you about symptoms for diseases you may never have heard of? >> or may be a condition of a more serious symptom called gurd. >> reporter: making you wonder if you have it or need to treat it. >> it's not difficult to make people feel like they're not normal. they might say, do you urinate more than five times a day and the viewer is thinking, gee, doesn't everyone? i'm not keeping track of how many times my office mates are going to the bathroom. maybe i'm not normal. >> reporter: dr. adrian burrman is creating a buzz in the medical world because she says pharmaceutical companies are marketing drugs before they've
10:33 pm
ever been approved by the fda. they don't advertise the drug. instead, they sell the disease. >> what industry does is to invent conditions, invent diseases in order to expand the market for a drug. dr. burman uses this fictitious example. let's say the gurlles and the rumbles come with an empty stomach needs a medical name. we'll call it gurlle-rumblitis. now, they create a drug that prevents it. because the fda says you can't market a drug until it's approved, dr. burman says the drug company will spend the next decade paying doctors to lecture other doctors about a new disease. we'll call it chronic loud atypical stomach sound. >> by the time the drug comes out, both prescribers and patients are relieved that finally here is this answer to this problem i've been hearing about for years.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: diseases dr. burman says you should be weary of include overactive bladder sift, ostiopinnia, gurd, and pediatric bipolar syndrome. >> pediatric bipolar disorder is the terrible twos. you know how they're happy one minute and crying the next, and there were physicians at harvard and other places who were hired by drug companies to go out and convince physicians that this was a real disorder. that this wasn't just a normal developmental phase, but it was a disease, and we started as a profession in giving babies pott antipsychotics and some kids died. >> it's brain washing is what it amounts to. >> reporter: dr. sydney wolf says when whistle blowers come forward, the fda can sometimes crack down on illegal marketing techniques. they finedifieser a record $2.3
10:35 pm
billion in 2009 but dr. wolf says even that much money wasn't enough because the government alleges it takes three weeks for them to make that same amount in sales. >> until people go to jail, until the criminal penalties really are in the realm of what the company made in terms of profits, it's going to go on. >> reporter: pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of america, or prama suggests it's hard to believe they're exaggerated. patients who live with these conditions do not decide to take medicines to treat the conditions. rather they rely on physicians to make the prescribing decisions that they feel are best for each individual patient. but dr. burman says that's the whole problem. she says as many as 80% of doctors are under the influence of drug companies, because they accept payments through travel or other freebies. >> we were interested in seeing
10:36 pm
how much money they were saying for speaking or consulting on their behalf. >> reporter: charles onstein helped create a website that lets you type in the names of your doctors to see if they've accepted money from drug companies. he says there are tens of thousands of doctors ranging from big names to small rural physicians. >> if you see your doctor's name in the database, it doesn't mean your doctor has done anything wrong but it does mean you have the right to ask your doctor a question. what did they do for that money? >> are they more like to prescribe a drug that has more side effects or more expensive. >> reporter: every patient needs to ask these kinds of questions, because only you pay the ultimate price. >> the physician isn't the one taking the risk with that drug and the physician isn't the one paying for it. you the consumer or you the patient are the one who is paying for that drug and who is taking the risk for that drug. >> we've put a link to that database on our website so you can plug in your doctor's name
10:37 pm
at but the group that put the site together says the information isn't complete because only a handful of drug companies have made this kind of information public. so dr. burman says the next time you visit your doctor, look for promotional items with drug company names on them. look for free samples of prescription drugs and, of course, always look for sales people carrying those suitcases into the doctor's office. as you know, there is a really good chance that they are with one of the drug companies and they're there to try to sell some of these new drugs to these doctors. >> i'm blown away watching this story. >> i am too. this seems criminal. do these families who have had children who died because of this, do they have any recourse? >> reporter: it's a very tricky situation when you take on drug companies. they are some of the most powerful groups out there so you hear about these lawsuits periodically. it's a big battle. let's just put it that way. >> we also heard you say that people should ask about generic
10:38 pm
drugs. any advice on that? >> definitely. generic drugs are one thing you should always ask your doctor about. dr. burman will say generic drugs have been on the market longer so there's more known about the side effects that come with those drugs than say a drug you see a commercial on tv, because by definition that's a new drug and less known about that drug. the big thing you need to do, always ask your doctor questions. there's nothing wrong with saying to your doctor, hey, what do you need to know, should i take a generic or what are the side effects. have that conversation. it can't hurt. >> you've got to be your own best advocate. >> good story. thank you, tisha. still to come on fox 5 news at 10:00. billions of taxpayer dollars, money lost in waiting lines and an eye popping number of airport security breaches. we'll be right back.
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>> following new developments tonight in the news of the world phone hacking scandal. news corporation dropped its bid to take full control of scottish broadcasting. they're accused of hacking into the cell phones of celebrities, politicianes and even victims of crime. the phone hacking scandal could make its way to the united states. there are reports that victims of 9/11 may have been targeted as well. some us lawmakers are calling for an investigation. news corp is the parent company of fox 5. there have been more than 25,000 security breaches at american airports since 2001. according to the department of homeland security, 14,000 were unauthorized people going from airports to planes or getting
10:43 pm
into off-limit areas. well, today, the tsa hearing had lawmakers asking why it wasn't working. lawmakers say the breaches represent less than 1% of the people who go through the nation's airport. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00. it's happening yet again. auto workers chugging beer and apparently using drugs to get high on their lunch breaks. it's the latest investigation rocking a major automotive company. plus, firefighters used to prevent crime. that's the idea behind a new plan in the district. but some people are not happy about it. the controversy tonight at 11:00.
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>> a man is traveling the country by bicycle spreading the word about a life-saving cause. in the metro dc area there are about 2,000 people waiting for an organ transplant and the man we're introducing you to may be saving some of their lives. here's fox 5's beth parker with
10:47 pm
his story. >> reporter: the foot is his, the kidney is somebody else's, but it's hart that keeps david lansburg rolling along. he's a 52-year-old from texas passing through the nation's capitol on what he calls a 50-50-50 bike ride. >> 50 states, 50 days, 50 rides, 50 miles each. >> reporter: his cause is organ donation. he was born with a genetic kidney disease. >> you're literally being poisoning from the inside out. >> reporter: in 1999, the call came. >> i was on dialysis one night, got a phone call, asked me if i wanted a kidney, and i thought about it for about that long and i said, absolutely i want a kidney. >> reporter: turned out, he received the kidney of a 6-year-old boy who died in a car accident. >> at that most horrible moment, something i can't even imagine as his parents, they said, how can we make our son a hero, how can we know that he changed the
10:48 pm
world? >> reporter: for david, the bicycle is a vehicle to transport his message, the message that around the country, there are 110,000 people waiting for an organ and every day in the us, 18 of those people die waiting. so david has become sort of a pied piper on wheel. strangers listen to how they can become organ donors. >> go online to >> reporter: he can convert in an instant. >> you got my word i can do it. >> reporter: he's keeping one of his own promises about living this newly found life. >> you can either feel sorry for yourself and the conditions that you have and what's going on, or you can be thankful for what you do have. >> reporter: it is contagious. he gets a free tune-up and a riding buddy from a dc shop called bicycle space, even some dc police join him for a few miles. it helps with the gruelling phase.
10:49 pm
>> my doctor wants to lock me up in a psyche ward because he doesn't think i'm stable to want to do something like this to my body. >> reporter: but he says being a little crazy can carry you quite some distance. 50 miles a day, to be exact. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news . >> it's a great story but i tell you what, if you're out riding in the humidity we had earlier today. >> our hair would be this big. >> it's still humid, even though the front is trying to come through. it's much better north of town and will be here tomorrow morning. we have such a nice five-day. wait until you see it. >> you can see the moisture in the air. >> you can see a haze today. >> when it was coming on through this afternoon, oh, my gosh, there was so much moisture that translates to very heavy rain and flash flooding was a real problem. i'll show you where we had some reports. you can see the haze in the air and that's going to last a little bit longer, but the front
10:50 pm
which has slowed down just a little bit should get a little bit of a nudge later on. let me show you the radar, not much going on in the region, the storms we were tracking earlier today are in the south and the frontal system still hanging about. i wanted you to see they got particularly strong as they went to the south. we have this in 3d mode and i'll put it in motion. we had damage reports coming out of southern maryland because the storms there really got intense updraft and one of them was rotating for a little bit. in terms of storm reports on our sentinel radar, it was all about the flash flooding, and most of that was confined to fairfax. so every where you see a picture here is where we had a report of flash flooding. let's show you some of the streets around old courthouse road. around tyson's corner we had some problems and wolftrap lawyer's road, you can see the spots that reported flash flooding, including one high-water rescue today as that was coming on down. that's why they put the flash in flash flooding. it's a scary situation.
10:51 pm
it was crazy humid again today. but feast your eyes on this, about 85 degrees tomorrow, it looks so beautiful. friday, fantastic. even through the weekend we think things will be real nice. looks like we'll be rolling rain-free thanks to the front coming through and vacuuming out all the humidity. it's still working on it right now. it's still fairly humid around dc. last time i checked, the dew point was around 73 and that's obnoxious for this time of year, but it's a frequent visitor. less humid air tomorrow, high pressure around the lakes. we have a pleasant north and northeast breeze and temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler and very pleasant tonight. notice dc is still 78. you get up to gaithersburg, it's 70, frederick, 72, you've got the nice dry air up there and especially on the other side of the mountains. we're finding a lot of places in the 60s, and we think tonight we'll get some very nice temperatures overnight. frederick could drop to about 59 degrees. i think technically we could call that cool compared to where
10:52 pm
we've been, front royal 59, arlington 66, fredricksburg 66 and leonard town dropping to 67, but the farther south you are, the longer you'll hang into that uncomfortable air. for most of us, it will be pretty pleasant especially as we get through the overnight hours and not as muggy. 68 in dc and more comfortable in the suburbs, especially north. tomorrow, a cooler day compared to today and less humid at 85 degrees. tomorrow, 79 degrees, very nice. about 81 compared to the 90 we were at today, and by 5:00, 84 degrees and we think it's going to be a great situation. there goes future cast showing you the storms going away. other than a couple high clouds around on friday afternoon. it looks like we're done with rain for awhile, and we're done with humidity for awhile. it'll come sneaking back. it's got to eventually. it is july, after all, and by the end of the weekend, first part of next week, we start seeing temperatures climb close to the 90 and then above as the humidity creeps in, but wh can get a break like the last
10:53 pm
three, four, five days in july, that's something to be excited about. >> we'll take it . >> celebration tomorrow. >> let's take the day off. >> thank you, sue. it's a story that not many people saw coming, the us women's world cup team poised to possibly win the entire tournament. that's right, after beating brazil in dramatic fashion, today, they were back in action with the world cup finals at stake. lindsay murphy is here with the details. >> reporter: the us women's team has stolen america's heart simply because they played with so much heart. the us beat brazil in penalty kicks. today, there was some drama, but once again, abbey made sure the us made alive. and the us seeking its third appearance in the world cup final first since winning it all in 1999. last minute, no score, heather o'riley with the pass, to cheney, her second goal of this world cup and the us led 1-0. the french made a come-back,
10:54 pm
55th minute, 1-0, sonja, a former member of the freedom, soars past the forward and right past hope solo, game tide 1-1. to the 79th minute, still tide, lauren cheney, the corner for the us, and abbey ties her jump perfectly to head it in. another dramatic goal for the 31-year-old. the us defeats france 3 hf 1. >> i just have a belief in this team and everybody feels it. we had to play nearly perfect. they obviously got a goal on us but in the end we're in the finals and that's all that matters. >> speaking of the finals, they are sunday and the us will face japan. this is a team that played 22 career times and have never lossed. >> fingers crossed. >> let's hope they got it. >> go usa. the government is issuing a warning tonight. check your phone bill. an old scheme could be cheating
10:55 pm
you out of cold hard cash. what you need to know to keep that money next.
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>> have you received a phone bill and couldn't figure out why it was so high. you might have been what's called crammed. a new senate report says it's a problem all over the country. as molly henninburg reports, it's not always easy to spot, those charges. >> reporter: if you own a land line in your home or business, you could be footing the bill for third-party charges and you may not even know it. >> it's not authorized to be there. legally, it shouldn't be there. >> reporter: there's a word for all those charges bundled together at the bottom of your phone bill. it's call cramming, as in cramming in those extra fees on your bill. a new senate report reveals
10:59 pm
unsuspecting american consumers pay nearly $2 billion each year. >> whether over the phone or on the internet, the consumer is never clearly told they're making a purchasing decision or that they'll be billed for the purchase on their phone bill. >> reporter: but the head of one third-party provider says that some people appreciate the convenience of one monthly phone bill over multiple phone bills. like a business to be listed in the yellow pages or a consumer paying for voicemail services. >> third-party billing continues to be valued by many legitimate businesses, and by some consumers as a convenience. >> reporter: however, the company official adds the consumer needs to be made aware of the extra charge, ranging from a few dollars to as high as $50 per month. >> consumers should not be charged for services they did not purchase. >> reporter: what can you do about cramming? the fcc says review your phone bill carefully as you would your credit card bill. make sure you authorized all the services listed, and if you see vague cha


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